Event & Fundraising Consulting

Let’s not earn 100% of the Goal, let’s achieve 150% of the Goal!

We will help you and your team identify areas of strength, tasks to delegate, and ways to maximize fundraising so you can continue to help the community Be Better. We have a proven process that focuses toward Engagement with donors at non-event-based experiences and help you Entertain at your event. We will start with researching your non-profit, understanding the current goals (non-event based), learn how the non-profit currently achieves success and reviewing future goals so the non-profit will sustain its services to help our community to BE BETTER.

We help teams fundraise with personalized service by offering:

  • Fundraising consulting and Event consulting focused on fundraising
  • Professional story-telling with video production (before, during, and after the fundraiser) Videos
  • Licensed Auctioneers
  • Professional Event MC’s
  • Professional DJ’s
  • Virtual and hybrid fundraising (VirtualUnGala.com)
  • Professional Audio-Visual to ensure guests feel connected
  • FUNDRAISING Consultations Packages available a-la-carte and/or combined with an Event agreement
  • EVENT Consultations Packages available a-la-carte and/or combined with an Event/MC/Auctioneer agreement

Event Based Fundraising

Successful fundraising is when you engage and entertain your donors with enthusiasm focused on your mission statement. Our long-time partnerships with mobile bidding companies, bid paddles, event planners, consignment auction items help teams fundraise.

Non-event Based Fundraising

Understanding the mission statement, vision statement, why the NPO started, what we do, review the board of directors, 1 year/5 year/ 10 year goals, how we Engage with the donor base, strategies to identify and engage major donors and how we help the community to BE BETTER.

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